TRAILER: The Pencil. A Documentry

After the success of the Blackwing Experience campaign, this moc-trailer moc-trailer was produced to pitch and Blackwing to create a documentary about the pencil. 

We all have someone who, at some point in our lives, takes us into their hands and continuously sharpens our minds. Making us better at what it is we are meant to do. 

And while this may be painful at times, they also show us how to correct any mistakes we make along the way. No matter how many times we make them.

Over and over again. When it works, and it works well, the end result reminds us that when all is said and done the most important part of who we are and what we can accomplish always comes from what's inside... the quality of our core. 

It is from there, and there alone, that we will eventually leave our own mark on the surface. Because no matter what, we have to leave our mark.

Wet, snapped, chewed or run over, no matter what condition we find ourselves in, we will continue to leave our mark. We must continue to create.