MY ROLE: Content Director, Copywriter (scripts, editing, social, product), Strategist 

After writing the companies new brand slogan "Keep It Together," the next task was to launch their latest innovation, a new Natural Matte Hair Cream. 

The brand has a large, very engaged following on Instagram. So we worked with Instafamous Barber Julius Ceaser to created a lot of hype via few teaser videos and  Instagram puzzle contest. 

Over a one week period we posted 9 different pieces of the new product photo on Instagram using .#layritenewproductpuzzle. When all 9 pieces were posted, we asked our followers to post them in the right order for a chance to win being one of the first to try Natural Matte. When posted in the right order, the images came together to create a giant image of the product shot on the persons feed. 

Several thousand of our 120k followers participated. And the slow release of the product shots revved up excitement for everyone else. 

Upon release, Layrite Natural Matte broke company records in terms of new sales and online engagement.

Layrite Director of Education Mitchel Wilson walks through Layrite Natural Matte. What it is, who it's for and how to use it.