Rebranding a beloved brand like Layrite can be a tricky thing. It required a combination of new messaging, elegant repackaging, a new kick ass website and new store collateral, all while speaking to the rich heritage of mens grooming mixed with the brands rockabilly roots. 



The new branding was launched during one of the most contentious presidential elections in history. We thought that our new tagline was a good unifying message. To link it with Layrites strong heritage in mens grooming, we created a series of motivational posters and ads that showcased  US Presidents getting haircuts and linked them with various products in their new packaging. 


As with other projects, I worked with Lesliink to help build an interactive experience that integrated barber culture with the Layrite brand and product line. With the new messaging intact, we designed a unique kind of e-commerce site that encouraged barbers to cary Layrite in their store but encouraged consumers to visit those barbershops to buy the product.  We presented Layrite as the leading experts in men’s grooming products, a company with deep roots in the barbershop community.

Interesting side note: I took most of the pictures that ended up on the website including the main banner image which has actually won a couple of awards. 

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