WHAT I DID: Brand Story, Tagline, Web Copy, Product Descriptions, Catalog Copy, Ad Copy & Direction

Website copy & Strategy

With an average of  2-minutes of eyeball time and a bounce rate of 30 percent, the client told us that Cafe Furia converts better than all their other Coffee sites... including their main hub. 

When Caffé Furia approached me for help creating their brand, I immediately brought LesliInk on board to handle the design and and e-commerce web-site site. Caffe Furia are alternative Nespresso pods roasted in Italy. Connoisseurs praised the brand for tasting like an authentic espresso from a Caffe in Italy. Their secret is the .10 more grams of espresso they pack into each capsule.   

We began by developing a bold and memorable brand story around how Italians put a little extra into everything they do. And how it is this little extra that makes something Italian so... well... Italian. The tagline "110% Italian" was born. 

We then carried this story across their website, product descriptions, print collateral and photography. We drank a lot of espresso and created a lot of really engaging content and copy.


To get the message of 110% Italian across, we worked with Google Translate to create Italian banner ads that could be translated with a click or snap. 

"In the speech you recognize the man."    You can't translate Italian Authenticity. 

"In the speech you recognize the man."

You can't translate Italian Authenticity.